Tuyển dụng Marketing Associate

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  1. Yola Tuyển dụng
    Tuyển dụng Marketing Associate
    Về Công Ty Chúng Tôi

    What is common between you and YOLA? Education.

    Think about how education has changed your life and where it has taken you for all these years until today and to your future!
    For YOLA’s founders, teachers and staff, education has endowed us with lifetime experiences at world-class institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Dartmouth, Williams, Swarthmore, London School of Economics, NUS, NTU… We, at YOLA, have all experienced the power of education in changing our own lives and believe that it is our mission to empower young minds to achieve their dreams.
    As a premier provider of educational services in Vietnam, YOLA provides a wide range of educational programs and products, including test preparation courses (SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE), English language, soft-skill training, after-school tutoring, summer camps, and development of educational content.

    With a strong commitment to help students realize their true potentials on their journey to become who they want to be, YOLA has successfully helped its students gain admission and scholarships to top universities, such as Stanford, UPenn, Princeton, Brown, Duke, Georgetown, NYU, UC Berkeley, UCLA and many more worldwide.

    ‘YOLA has helped more than 5000 students to put one step closer to their dreams’

    Living and breathing in a culture named ACUPIT (Action, Caring, Understanding, Passion for Excellence, Innovation, Trust), every single individual at YOLA regardless of backgrounds, interests, specialties and positions is working hard and passionately every day. The reason is:

    ‘We believe that what we are doing each day is making a potentially huge impact on many students’ lives through education’

    If you share the same vision with YOLA, come and join us to care about the future of many student generations. At the same time, let your future be our care!

    Mô Tả Công Việc
    • To execute events and other marketing activities.
    • To involve in branding exercise of the Company.
    • To liaise with local schools and organizations as channels for student recruitment.
    • To conduct regular marketing research and keep the Company updated with the industry trends, competitors’ information, including the market research/analysis for specific purposes/plans of the Company.
    • To provide accurate and regular reports to update the Marketing team and senior management on market developments and recruitment of students for schools.
    • To cooperate with sales team to establish and maintain a client database for further direct marketing Strategize, plan and execute marketing activities as requested.
    • To cooperate with other internal departments (Sales, Academics, Customer Care).
    • Other duties assigned by Line Manager.


    • Allowances work effectively on actual targets achieved.
    • Annual health check.
    • Annual leave
    • Year-end bonus.
    • Healthcare plan.
    • Annual trip.
    • Teambuilding activities.
    • Others.
    Yêu Cầu Công Việc
    • At least a Bachelor Degree.
    • Good understanding of marketing principles and practices.
    • Ability to communicate in written and spoken English and Vietnamese fluently.
    • Creative thinking, analytical, enthusiastic, willing to learn new things.
    • Be able to work in team.

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